Where Sea Glass Comes From

Sea glass starts off just as regular glass that has found it's way into the sea. The glass can be a result of pollution from discarded broken bottles, broken tableware, or can even come from old shipwrecks. Over time the glass is tumbled along the ocean floor and the edges are slowly rounded and smoothed and the glass begins to take on a "frosted" appearance. This process can take the glass between 30 to 50 years and sometimes as long as 100 years to acquire it's new shape and beauty. The color of sea glass depends on the original source of the glass and every piece tells a different story. For example, the most common colors are kelly green, brown, white, and clear. The brown and kelly green pieces mostly come from beer and soda bottles and the white and clear pieces are often from glasses and windows. More rare colors include light green which come mostly from mid 1900s Coke  bottles and aqua from early mason jars made in the early 1900s. The unique thing about sea glass is that every piece tells a different story, each piece is completely unique in size and shape from the long years it spent on the sea floor.

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